2023 FIEE


Brazil is the gateway of South America, and the electronic industry is one of the important industrial industries in South America. Brazil International Power and Electronic Components Exhibition, jointly organized by Alcantara Machado and Reed Exhibitions, is the largest power and electronic exhibition in Latin America. The exhibition is held every two years and has been successfully held for 29 times. With standardized organization and strong international influence, the exhibition has become the leading exhibition of the industry in South America.

The last exhibition (2019) lasted four days, with 50000 professional trade visitors from 31 countries and regions coming to visit, mainly from power engineering, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, consumer electronics, communication engineering, information technology, quality testing and other industries; More than 1100 enterprises from 30 countries and regions including Brazil, the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, India, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Russia and China participated in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 40000 m2. The number of Chinese enterprises participating in the exhibition reached 192.

With the deepening of trade exchanges among the “BRIC” countries, China’s exports of mechanical and electrical products to Brazil have expanded year by year. In 2011, the total exports of mechanical and electrical products and components reached 16.49 billion US dollars, up 21.1% year on year. Under this background and opportunity, it provides excellent trade opportunities for Chinese electromechanical manufacturing enterprises.

2、 Exhibition contents

1. Power products: high and low voltage electrical appliances and complete equipment, power station equipment, transformer, generator, motor, drive motor, current transformer, voltage transformer, power capacitor, transmission and distribution equipment, power generation equipment, power grid automation technology and equipment, power measurement and automatic control system, wire and cable, optical cable, insulating material, insulating plate, insulator, copper clad plate, measuring instrument, Electric lighting engineering and equipment, lamps, light sources, building electrical, energy industry related products, systems and automatic process control systems, energy safety equipment, energy-saving technology and equipment, renewable energy development and utilization, solar heating equipment and systems;

2. Industrial electronic products: power components, electronic components and components, high and low voltage power supply and switching equipment, power batteries, low voltage cables, connecting wires, harnesses, electromechanical components and connection technology, antenna technology, passive components, silicon crystal devices, electronic raw materials, semiconductor devices, insulating materials, magnetic materials and products, plug devices, optoelectronics, optical fiber components and connector technology, display devices, LED lighting, TFT-LCD, liquid crystal device, LCD/LED device and technology, electronic test instruments and meters, PCB design and plate making, electronic production process, packaging, electronic production equipment, etc.

3. New energy: solar energy products and components, photovoltaic products, photothermal products, LED lighting, lighting, light energy products and technologies, wind energy products and technologies, nuclear energy products and technologies, marine energy technologies, etc.