Pearl Tower overlooking the New Year with 5G



The picture shows the first run to the finish in the Oriental Pearl Tower ascend the healthy run on the New Year’s Day in Shanghai.

China Economic Herald, China Development Network Reported by Li Yuyang reporter Miao Xiaoqin in Shanghai Every year on New Year’s Day, many Shanghai residents gather in the Oriental Pearl Tower to carry out a traditional project-the Oriental Pearl Tower ascends to a healthy run on the New Year’s Day. The good meaning of the new year wishes.

Different from previous years, this year ’s climbing healthy run “unlocked” more new gameplay, not only incorporating the elements of ice sports, but also using “4K + 5G” technology for the first time. Shanghai Telecom ’s exclusive 5G technical support will not only enable Audiences who are not present enjoy a “clearer, more comprehensive, and higher speed” audio-visual experience, which also allows the majority of IPTV users to look back in the 4K zone.

Ascend the new year backgammon, full of vitality to welcome the new year

This year is the 25th year of the Oriental Pearl Tower Ascend Health Run. At 9:10 am, a firing shot was fired. More than 1,000 ascending players set off from the Oriental Pearl Plaza and took a healthy step toward the 259-meter-high sightseeing floor.

At 9:20, He Liangliang from Taizhou, Jiangsu, crossed the 259-meter-high finish line for the first time, and the result finally locked at 9:25. In his speech to win the championship, he said: “I hope that life is getting better and better, the motherland is flourishing.” The women’s championship was won by Hu Jianxia, ​​who has 10 years of running time, in 12 minutes 36 seconds. Although it was her first ascent, she was nearly two minutes higher than last year’s championship. “Climbing up means step by step, hoping to achieve better results in the new year.” She said after the game.

Among the more than 1,000 runners, there were both first-time runners and old faces who climbed up the hill; some came, and some participated in groups. Ms. Zhu from Huashan Hospital is participating for the first time. Although she is busy with her work, she has always maintained a fitness habit. In addition to running uphill to express her desire for “yearly heights”, she also wants to challenge vertical sports. Mr. Yang, who also entered the competition for the first time, took his 5-year-old daughter to climb the building together. He hoped to climb up on the first day of the new year to make a good show for his daughter.

On the New Year’s Day, boarding the Oriental Pearl Tower, the most representative landmark of Shanghai, not only demonstrated the joy of the citizens in celebrating the New Year, but also created the Shanghai City Sports Business Card.

4K transmission is fast, need 5G band

Different from previous years, this year’s ascent runs used 4K + 5G technology to empower a more three-dimensional, detailed and visual sports visual feast.

If it is said that the new year’s ascends year by year, this is a beautiful meaning that people have injected into the ascendant. This 4K + 5G technology combination is a new audiovisual experience injected into the ascendant’s live broadcast. Viewers can also enjoy the health and beauty of sports through the screen, and feel the passion and joy of ascending the Pearl Tower.

Behind this, of course, there is no shortage of early hacking and repeated debugging of technical staff. Shanghai Telecom was responsible for providing 5G services for the live broadcast, and had docked and communicated with the competition side half a month ago.


The picture shows that for the first time this year, the Oriental Pearl’s ascendant health run uses telecommunications “4K + 5G” technology.

When the first rays of the new year’s sunshine have not yet spread to the ground, the telecom “post-90s” employee, Yi Yijie, responsible for on-site network security, hurried from his home to the 259-meter-high, fully-transparent sightseeing floor of the Oriental Pearl Tower. So it’s 5 o’clock. “He said that BesTV, a subsidiary of Oriental Pearl, is responsible for the network transmission of the climb, and Shanghai Telecom, as the sole operator, provides 5G support for it.

In addition to the 259-meter-high sightseeing floor, Wu Yijie also takes into account the network conditions on the 90-meter floor. The 90-meter and 259-meter high floors are the end points of the different groups of ascents. Both floors have high-definition cameras that can record and capture the moments before the runners cross the finish line.

The cameras on these two floors are placed near the corridor and one is fixed at 259 meters in the semi-outdoor. If wired broadband is used for networking, it is not only difficult to pull cables, but also the cost of wired coverage is high and the price is low. 5G has the characteristics of large bandwidth and high speed, which can not only make up for the above shortcomings, but also more than enough for the bandwidth required for 4K video transmission.

The staff of Best Buy said that to achieve 4K video transmission, the uplink needs at least 30M bandwidth. And Shanghai Telecom’s 5G network can provide an uplink speed of 100 ~ 110M, far exceeding the requirements of Best Buy.

The 5G network at the site comes from Shanghai Telecom and ZTE. The 90-meter and 259-meter-high floors have 5G PRRU and 5G CPE equipment. The 5G PRRU provided by ZTE has a coverage range of 25 meters, while the 5G CPE can stably provide a wireless network with a downlink rate of 700M and an uplink of 100M, which can fully meet the requirements of 4K video transmission.

Nevertheless, Wu Yijie was careful, after all, this is the first time to use 5G live broadcast. When the game officially started at 9 am, he watched the live TV screen of his mobile phone and stared at the 259-meter-high CPE equipment indicator light. “If the light is blue, it means that the 5G network is in normal use.”

At 10 o’clock, the game is over, the CPE equipment indicator light stays blue throughout.

Demonstrate ice and snow culture to help Beijing Winter Olympics

In order to meet the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and in response to the national strategic call for “snow and ice sports to expand southward and to the west”, this year’s ascent to the healthy running event is more integrated with the elements of ice sports. The ice dances “Koi” and “Ice Hockey” are interspersed. During the ascent to run healthy, cheer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

At present, the Oriental Pearl Tower is holding an “Ice Flying” ice carnival at a 600 square meter outdoor true ice rink on the city square. The event will continue until February 29, 2020. During this period, citizens can not only enjoy the heroes of the Olympic athletes on the spot, but also have the opportunity to enter the stadium to receive the guidance of professional coaches and enjoy the fun of ice sports.

Source: China Economic Herald-China Development Net