Design Technology Article
An engineer once told me that he never looked at the first page of the MOSFET data sheet, because the “practical” information only appeared after the second page. In fact, every page on the MOSFET data sheet contains valuable information for the designer. But people don’t always figure out how to interpret the data provided […]
2019-11-04 2,086
Several basic principles of MOS design selection Suggested basic steps for primary selection: 01 Voltage stress In power circuit applications, the choice of drain-source voltage VDS is often considered first. The basic principle here is that the maximum peak drain-source voltage in the actual operating environment of the MOSFET is not greater than 90% of […]
2019-10-04 2,279
01 Basic principles of Miller platform formation The MOSFET gate driving process can be simply understood as the charging and discharging process of the driving source to the MOSFET’s input capacitance (mainly the gate-source capacitance Cgs); when Cgs reaches the threshold voltage, the MOSFET enters the on state; when the MOSFET is turned on Later, […]
2019-05-04 2,505
In the process of electronic product development and production, with the sample testing of electronic components, small batches, large batches, and increasing numbers, “zero defect” products do not exist, but defects are a necessity. Defects are not terrible. What people are most concerned about is how to correctly find out the cause after the failure […]
2019-02-04 2,069
Static electricity is a universal natural phenomenon that everyone is very familiar with. Although the unique characteristics and functions of static electricity are applied to our daily life, such as: electrostatic dust removal, electrostatic copying, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic separation, etc., electrostatic discharge is a hazard to electronic products and equipment. , Resulting in […]
2019-01-04 2,049
As an in-depth communication platform for the power electronics industry, on November 24, 2018, the annual event of the technical exchange of power grid engineers was successfully held in Shenzhen Marco Polo Hotel.   Many experts and scholars are invited this time, including Beijing University of Technology researcher Sha Deshang, former Secretary-General of the Semiconductor […]
2018-12-04 2,120