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On July 20, Shikues’s first half year summary meeting in 2022 was successfully held. Representatives of the company’s management and outstanding employees attended the meeting. The conference system summarizes and reviews the development of various tasks in the first half of 2022, and deploys and plans key tasks for the second half of the year. […]
2022-07-21 24
Life is not just the work in front of you There are poems and distance Not to watch the world Where’s the worldview Ulterior motive Measure the world In order to experience the beauty of life Broaden your horizons Only the heart can contain the world In order to be a better self So there […]
2020-10-09 289
In the process of continuous development and growth of Shike, in order to better meet the challenges of the future, on September 6, 2020, Shike ushered in the housewarming and moved to a new location-2608, Building 11, Tianan Yungu Phase II, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen -1, 2609-2. With a new attitude and high morale, […]
2020-09-07 343
Chema Yang resigns and rejoices in the New Year We have traveled through the busy and colorful 2019 Ushering in a vibrant 2020 January 13, 2020 Shike at Grand Skylight Garden Hotel Shenzhen Held the annual meeting with the theme of “Longxin builds the future, 20 is more exciting” Looking back on 19 years of […]
2020-01-16 559
On November 18, 2019, the SHIKUES Shenzhen AI Intelligent, Lighting, Integrated Components Semiconductor Technology Seminar hosted by Guangdong SHIKUES Micro Industry Co., Ltd. was held in Kexing Science Park. Engineers from different industries in various places participated in the conference. Mr. Yan Xiaodong, General Manager of SHIKUES, Mr. Huang Ting, Director of Shenzhen Research Center […]
2020-01-03 1,208